Vignage – Artist-Run Print Facilitator

My online print facilitation business is now online with secure payment processing through Stripe! Check it out…

So, if you have visited my website via Google search you may have noticed the title and description were usurped by the title and description. Also, is still coming up in the search results for the term “vignage”. Unfortunately, google has not re-indexed the actual vignage site…

All of this happened due to a mistake writing an .htaccess redirect to force https for my ssl certificate on the vignage site. In the end the .htaccess redirect I wrote was redirecting all of my domains on my shared server to the vignage site. The vignage website is written with codeigniter and in the end I created a helper class that modifies the base_url and requires only calling force_ssl() to force https in the address. Everything secure and done cleanly no more confusing htaccess.

Holding Power – Exhibition

Jennifer Norback Fine Art Inc. presents Jeremy Tubbs: Holding Power
Reception: July 15, 2011 5:00 – 8:30 pm
On View: July 15, 2011 – August 13, 2011
217 W. Huron, Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60654

In the exhibition Holding Power, Jeremy Tubbs appropriates material / media that is context imbued to build up his works. Using the context of duct-tape as a utility repair material, Tubbs produces cityscapes that reflect the tentative times we live in. Duct-tape can be seen in this way as a nostalgic / optimistic material yet still tragic. Holding on with a quick fix while neglecting to make significant progress. Also on display: Presidial an ongoing work started in 2008 by Jeremy Tubbs that incorporates found daily newswire photos of the President of the United States.

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Presidial Site Update

New site is online! It is a variation of the WordPress theme used for this site. I still have a lot of images and captions to upload but I am hoping that once the site becomes re-indexed by Google it will start to see more traffic.

After I get all the daily documentation for the videos/lenticulars on the site, I will add individual images of the monthly lenticular artworks and corresponding pdf’s containing the documentation.